Natural Argan Oil Shampoo 600ml

RM45.82 RM53.90

Eyup Sabri Tuncer Natural Argan Oil Shampoo helps liven up dry and damaged hair with its formula containing 100% Natural Argan Oil.

  • The argan oils contain high levels of Vitamin E. It aids in nourishing the hair and provides amazing care by deeply penetrating into the follicles of damaged hair. It also protects damaged hair and helps thinned hair to thicken thanks to its formula enriched with herbal differentiable keratin. Helps in boosting the level of keratin. Ensures natural shine by providing intense care to the hair and hair follicles with BIOTIN, a multi-vitamin complex and horse chestnut extracts in its ingredients. The paraben-free special formula is suitable for daily use. Intense moisturising and nourishing effect.

Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry area.

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