Hand & Body Lotion with Organic Argan Oil (Cesme Lemon) 250ml

RM53.91 RM59.90

EST 1923 Çeşme Lemon Hand and Body Lotion is carefully designed for those who wish to revive the warm and energetic feeling of Çeşme and carry energies of the citrus fruits shining in the Sun with their vibrant colors. It is easily absorbed into the skin.

    The formula in this lotion helps in retaining moisture in the skin. The product is enriched with organic argan oil extracts. The fragrance notes of narcissan dominate from the top, while the middle notes are the scents of lemon blossom and white flowers, covered with oak moss and musk. It is ideal for dry skin.

Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry area.

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