An essential serum to rebuild skin's three-dimensional structure of the dermis, instantly lifts facial lines, tightens skin as well as enhances elasticity to restore smoothness, firmness, suppleness and radiance. Ideal for those who feels sagging skin, lacks elasticity and seeks a visible lift-up effect with continuous use for four weeks.

    Contain Lift Dimension's key ingredient Glucosyl Naringin* for superior anti-ageing effects. Uses a High Penetration Delivery Capsule (mostly phospholipids with high skin affinity) to smoothly blend even into hardened skin, delivering beauty ingredients to all parts of your skin. Paraben-free, allergy tested.
    *DECORTÉ is the first to incorporate Naringin, an antioxidant in citrus peel, in skincare.
    Use in the morning and night after lotion. Pump twice into your palm and apply on skin. Using your palms, lift up from your chin towards your temples and repeat several times.

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