LGM-E Healthy Electric Pressure Cooker 5L (PC50BK)

RM399 RM799


Deep fryer, bake, pressure cooker, yogurt maker, stew, sterilizer, essence extractor, steamer, rice cooker, black garlic, sous vide, open lid cooking, slow cooker.

Included Accessories: Pressure cooker with 5L non-stick inner pot, 5L SUS304 stainless steel inner pot, tempered glass lid, stainless steel steamer rack, measuring cup, rice spoon & condensation collector.

Color: Black

2 YEAR WARRANTY (manufacturing defects only. Normal wear & tear is not covered).


  1. 14 one-touch preset cooking programs (Including open-lid cooking, sous vide & black garlic)
  2. 80% faster cooking time: making stew in just minutes!
  3. 24-hours preset timer
  4. Easy to clean, detachable lid
  5. Lock-in-nutrient pressure-seal cooking system
  6. Cool grip handles and lid holder
  7. Flexible adjustable cooking duration


  1. Safer than traditional: Worry free using electric pressure cooker
  2. Overheating protection: Auto cut off electricity when overheated
  3. Excess pressure protection: Auto exhaust steam when the pot is overpressure
  4. Anti-blockage vent: Prevents food debris from blocking the vent
  5. Safety lid lock: Lid is lock when pressurized
  6. Auto Cover Sensor: Auto cut off if cover is not closed properly
  7. Child Lock: To prevent children from accidentally click on any setting

Before First Use:

  • Please take out all accessories from the packaging and read this Manual carefully. Pay particular attention to operational instructions and cautions to avoid any injury or property damage.
  • Prior to each use, inspect to make sure the seal and anti-block shield are mounted in the lid. After use, remove any foreign object from the seal and anti-block shield.
  • Keep clean to prevent odors.
  • Never pull the seal by force, as deformation from pulling may affect sealing and pressure effect. A damaged seal should not be used, and the unit shall be sent to the Service Centre for replacement.

Getting Started:

  1. Remove the foil of the front panel.
  2. Remove the transport safety sticker from the valve.
  3. Insert the condensation collector (“Condensation Collector”).
  4. Plug in the power cord.
  5. Make sure the anti-block shield is correctly assembled.
  6. Insert the inner pot (stainless steel/non-stick) provided into pressure cooker.

It is recommended to boil water as the first usage of the product to get a better understanding on how the pressure cooker works.

Operating Instructions:

  1. Open the lid: Hold the lid handle, turn the lid clockwise to the unlock position and carefully lift the lid up to open.
  2. Wash the inner pot and lid only. NOTE: Do not wash the housing (outer pot). It is sufficient to just wipe it.
  3. Take out the inner pot, put food and water in it. NEVER fill inner pot more than 4/5 or less than 1/5. This is indicated on the upper line on the inside of the cooker identified with the word “MAX/FULL”. For rice and vegetables that expand during cooking, DO NOT fill over the 1/2.
  4. Make sure to dry the inner pot and heating plate before putting the inner pot into the outer pot. Do not put anything into the outer pot and heating plate. Rotate the cooking pot slightly to ensure good contact with the heating plate.
  5. Install the condensation collector.
  6. Put the pressure release valve into position; set it to the “Seal” position and make sure the floater is in the down position before heating.
  7. Connect to the power. The LED display shows “00:00” and switches to standby mode.
  8. Choose the corresponding button according to your food recipe, and the respective indicator will be on.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

  1. Unplug the power cord before cleaning.
  2. Clean the outer body with a soft cloth such as a paper towel or microfiber cloth. Do not immerse the outer body in water or pour water into it.
  3. Remove and clean the condensation collector, then re-install it. Clean the heating element with damp cloth and let it dry.
  4. Rinse the underside of the lid with water including the sealing ring, pressure release valve, anti-block shield, air escape, and float valve. Dry completely.
  5. To clean the inner cooking pot by hand, use a sponge or a soft non-metal brush and wipe. Be careful not to damage the inside coating. Regular care or maintenance is essential in ensuring that this product is safe for use.
    49 x 32 x 32cm

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