Aiming Soft Cleansing Gel R 85g


COSMOS Organic Certified Cosmetics

Raw material 99% natural derived ingredients /Raw material 11%Organic farming

Soft gel-like cleansing with a well-balanced blend of 3 types of naturally derived cleansers of vegetable oil + clay + scrub (pomegranate seed powder)

Smoothly smoothes unevenness, gently adsorbs makeup and fine stains to old keratin, and quickly turns off without straining the skin! The gel with a gentle adhesion and warm texture spreads smoothly as it melts, gently loosening the thickened and hardened skin. Carefully cleanse every corner of the pores, turning the vulnerable adult's fluctuating skin into bright, transparent and pure skin! A floral fragrance that feels a little spicy

*not ready stock, please allow extra 5 working days for order processing

Usage amount:1 cherry size
Usage period:Use every night for approx. 1.5 to 2 months
※Please avoid the area around your eyes.
We recommend that you use a Balancing point makeup remover around your eyes.
  1. Take an appropriate amount (1 cherry size) in a clean, dry hand and warm it lightly.
  2. Gently spread it on the fingertips of both hands, cover the tip of the nose, and take a slow, deep breath to capture the scent.
  3. Gently spread on the chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead, and cleanse in a small circle from the bottom to the top of the face and from the center to the outside.
  4. When your fingertips feel lighter, rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water until you run out of scrubs .
  • Orange peel oil - A naturally derived cleansing ingredient rich in limonene, which acts to dissolve oily dirt.
  • Passionfruit oil - Its cushioned texture adheres closely to your skin, keeping it moist and leaving it smooth after cleansing.
  • Pomegranate seed (NEW) - Pomegranate seed in powdered form is incorporated as a biodegradable natural scrub. It tones rough skin, leaving it smooth.
  • White Clay - Clay which catches up and absorbs dirt. It removes the dullness and roughness from your skin, making it smooth.

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