EXAGE WHITE Bright Wrapping Cream 30g


A brightening cream designed to promote luminous, springy skin by plumping the skin with moisture for greater textural refinement and brightness.

  1. When applied to skin damaged by strong UV rays and/or dryness, this product plumps the skin with moisture for greater textural refinement while conditioning the skin from inside for greater brightness. The product also helps maintain textural refinement to promote long-lasting brightness replete with elasticity.
  2. The product breaks down upon application to spread lightly and smoothly, permeating the skin with melting ease to leave it generously moisturized and noticeably brighter, with each and every grain plump, full, and springy.
  • Use after essence.
  • Take a soybean-sized amount (about 0.3 g) with the attached spatula and distribute among the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin before blending into the entire face.

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