EXAGE WHITE Sebum Control Essence EX 60ml


Powerfully eliminates excess sebum, stubborn whiteheads and darkened pore areas. This serum leaves skin smooth and fine-textured and makes pores less visible.

  • Quickly softens stubborn sebum around pores and whiteheads and powerfully removes them. This serum thereby prevents whiteheads and darkened pore areas on an ongoing basis.
  • Delivers an intensive whitening benefit to the area around pores and tightens loose pores to make them less visible, leaving the skin smooth.
  • With a refreshing, cool sensation, it thoroughly cleans out stickiness and roughness with a single wipe. Skin will be silky smooth, with tightened pores.
  • Use after face wash.
  • Wet a cotton pad with the product and swab the skin, especially the T-zone.

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