23 Jun - 5 July : LBION EXCIA BRIGHTENING LOTION 200ML, Set worth RM713

Gifts include:
  • Albion Excia Cleansing Cream 20g x2pcs
  • Albion White Brightening Rich Milk 30g x1pc
  • Albion White Brightening Lotion 28ml x1pc
  • Albion Skin Conditioner Essential 12ml x1pc
  • Ablbion Facial Cotton L (Soft) x3pcs

A brightening essence lotion that creates brightness and generously hydrates the skin from deep within for a crystal-clear, bright complexion.

  1. The product directly injects growth factor ingredients and dermal component ingredients for cell brightening and reveals crystal-clear, immaculately bright skin that is generously hydrated from deep within.
  2. The hydrating, rich, and mellow base penetrates the skin with a refreshing and pleasant sensation. The skin will be crystal-clear, bright, and richly hydrated from deep within.
    Use after Balancing Milk. Take about one teaspoonful (about 3 ml) on a cotton pad and pat onto the entire face.

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