INFINESSE WHITE Whitening Night Wear 60g


Wake up to eye-opening brightness and buoyant lift with a night gel designed to deliver maximum whitening and firming benefits while you sleep.

  • Promotes eye-opening brightness and buoyant firmness by maximizing growth hormones during sleep. This is achieved by delivering growth hormone-like agents, and through the combination of whitening and dermis-nourishing benefits.
  • Rich gel-formula product base spreads to deliver the feel of a dewy, skin-pampering facial mask. Active agents permeate the skin all night long, leaving the skin full of brightness and firmness in the morning.
  • Use in the evening as the last step in your skincare routine. Take about half a spatula (about 1 g) of gel, distribute it between the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, and spread evenly over the whole face.
  • Wait a while until the gel sets on the skin like a facial mask. Leave the gel on overnight.

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