INFINESSE WHITE Whitening Pump Lotion 200ml


Delivers two types of vitamin C derivative directly into deeper skin layers. Whitening Pump Lotion instantly achieves immaculately white and springy, firm skin.

  • By delivering two types of vitamin C derivative to deep layers of the skin, Whitening Pump Lotion powerfully promotes the production of collagen while reducing and whitening melanin.
  • Stimulates the regeneration of epidermal cells and promotes corneous cell metabolism to speed up melanin elimination for a brilliantly white complexion.
  • Replenishing the stratum corneum with rich moisture, this lotion instantly makes skin bright and radiant and achieves firm skin characterized by tightened pores and a refined texture.
  • Use after milk lotion.
  • Take about 3ml on a cotton pad and gently pat over the entire face.

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