INFINESSE WHITE Whitening Pump Lotion W 200ml


An anti-wrinkle and brightening lotion designed to suffuse the skin with glutathione* to promote smoothness, firmness, translucent brightness and textural refinement. *Antioxidant composed of three amino acids (glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine).

  1. Powerfully promotes translucent, vibrant brightness by directly delivering glutathione as well as promoting glutathione production.
  2. Instantly conditions the skin for greater smoothness, textural refinement, and brightness by moisturizing and firming the stratum corneum.
  3. The product feels dewy and mellow on the skin, permeates instantly to reach all corners of the skin, and conditions the skin to a smooth texture. Skin after use feels generously moisturized from the inside, with improved refinement in pores and texture, as well as greater smoothness and firmness.
  • Shake well before each use to mix the bi-phase formula.
  • Use after balancing milk. Take about one teaspoonful (about 3ml) on a cotton pad and pat onto the entire face.
  • The powder can collect at the bottom of the container when the product is new or has not been used for a while. When this happens, shake extra-thoroughly (about ten times) before using the product.

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