INFINESSE WHITE Whitening Pump Milk W 200g


An anti-wrinkle and brightening milk designed to control excessive capillary regeneration and promote dark-spot-free vibrant bright skin replete with buoyant firmness.

  1. Controls UV-induced excessive capillary regeneration, eliminates melanin “caps,” and increases the internal density of the dermis to realize vibrant brightness and buoyant firmness from inside the skin.
  2. Instantly restores the stratum carenum to its fully elastic, moisturized condition, and delivers buoyant firmness and vibrant brightness.
  3. Soothingly rich formula spreads fluidly with melting ease to quickly penetrate the skin, instantly and generously hydrating the skin for noticeable vibrant brightness and buoyant firmness.
  • After washing the face, take three pumps amount on a cotton pad, distribute across the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and apply over the entire face.
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