PH Balancing Gel Cleanser 200ml

RM148.75 RM175

A mildly acidic gel cleanser that feels comfortable even after cleansing. In an environment where 'what to wash off' has become more important than 'what to apply', start weakly acidic cleansing for healthy skin. Naturally derived surfactants provide a mild and moist cleansing. The first step to healthy skin, mildly acidic cleansing. It helps healthy skin to withstand external stimuli by maintaining the pH 5.3 balance similar to the ideal skin condition.

With lukewarm water, lather gel cleanser and massage over face and throat. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Aloe Vera leaf juice: Aloe leaf juice soothes the skin and replenishes moisture.
Panthenol: Provides nutrition and moisture to dry skin, helps strengthen skin barrier.
Allantoin: Helps soothe sensitive skin from external stimuli.

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