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Atlantis Escape

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Escape...before it's too late!

Can you flee from Atlantis before this mythical city disappears underwater forever? Find the shortest route from the highest tower to the harbor, where a ship is waiting for you to get you to safety. How many steps are there before you get there? Will you still get there on time? Atlantis Escape is a compact puzzle game with 60 #D commands, handy to take with you everwhere.

Contents: Game board, high tower, 5 puzzle pieces with stairways, bridges and tunnels, blue transparent lid, challenge booklet with 60 challenges and solutions.


  • Brain Teasing fun for the whole family
  • 60 challenges, easy to expert
  • Portable game board with lid-perfect for travel

Stimulates These Cognitive Skills: Spatial Insight/Planning/ Problem Solving/Concentration Flexible Thinking

*Material : Plastic