Balancing Point Makeup Remover N 95ml


A remover with two layers of plant oil and plant water that firmly removes heavy point makeup. For fresh and smooth skin like after care with beauty oil and lotion.

Natural Origin Index:93%

Amount of usage: Appropriate amount (approx.1.7mL)

Rate of rotation:approx. 60 times

*not ready stock, please allow extra 5 working days for order processing

  1. Cleansing ability UP !
    Brushed up the material and balance of cleansing ingredients.
    By deliberately suppressing the thickening of the oil layer and making it a fresh formula, the speed at which makeup stains are involved is increased. Firmly removes hard-to-fall lips and eyeliner makeup. 
  2. Care effect UP!
    Oil layer = 5 kinds of blended essential oils including Holy Basil / tea seed oil / borage oil / moringa oil
    Water layer = Newly developed saffron & birdock extract / 2 kinds of fruit water / 3 kinds of crude drug extract etc. 
  3. Scent
    A clear herbal incense tone that refreshes the tiredness of the day.
  • Essential oils : Bergamot Fruit Oil/Marjoram Oil/Frankinsence Oil/Rosemary Oil/ Holy Basil Oil/Petitgrain Oil/Orange Fruit Oil
  • Extract : Saffron Extract/ birdock Extract / Ginseng/ Rehmannia Root Extract/ Poria Cocos Sclerotium Extract
  • HW/BW : Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Juice/Pear Juice Ferment Filtrate
  • Botanical Oil : Tea Seed Oil/ Grape Seed Oil/ Borage Oil/ Moringa Oil/ Soy Oil

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