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Bichup Moisture Anti Aging Mask 5pcs

Sale priceRM300.00

Moisture anti-aging mask with active ingredients of First Care Moisture Anti-aging Essence that circulates and purifies sensitive skin from the harmful environment for clear, pure skin.

Contains 1/3 bottle of Bichup First Care Moisture Anti-aging Essence in a single mask sheet for concentrated circulation care.

  • A mild adhesive wet microfiber sheet for comfortable use and double the effects
  • Contains Self-generating Anti-aging Essence and Self-generating Anti-aging Cream to complete royal anti-aging skincare with a single sheet

A formula with quick absorption and deep moisture where you can also experience the fresh cooling sensation of First Care Moisture Anti-aging Essence

Quickly and deeply absorbs upon contact with skin with a moisturizing finish. Enhances the effects of products used on the next stage.

What's in the box:
- Bichup Moisture Anti-Aging Mask 23ml x5
- Bichup Self -Generating Anti-Aging Concentrate 2ml x 5ea
- Bichup Ja Yoon Cream 2ml x5ea

  • Step 1- Bichup Moisture Anti-Aging Mask
  • Step 2- Bichup Self -Generating Anti-Aging Concentrate
  • Step 3- Bichup Ja Yoon Cream