Cheer Up 5-Pc Cookware Set

RM499 RM999
  • Set Composition :
  • 18cm Die Cast Saucepan (Green) + Cover
  • 20cm Die Cast Stock Pot (Orange) + Cover
  • 20cm Stainless Steel Steamer
  • 2-pc Silicone Heat-resistant Handle
  • 3-Layer Hi-Tech Pure Ceramic 3-Layer Coating, Safe, Anti-Corrosive & Highly Resistant to Scratches
  • Star-Patterned Exterior: Significantly Improves Thermal Heat Conduction
  • Cover Made of Tempered Glass With "Self-Standing" & Anti-Overflow" Features and Special Handle for Easy Handling
  • Ripple-Patterned Exterior : Significantly Improves Thermal Heat Conduction
  • Made in Korea
  • Hi-Tech Pure Ceramic 3-Layer Coating
  • Non Rivet Handle Prevents Corrosion & Rusts
  • Ceramic 3-Layer Coating with Ripple Wave Enhances Heat Transmission
  • Active Steam Vent Prevents Overflow with Special Handle for Easy Handling
  • Color Gift box Packaging: Packaging contains “CHEER-UP!” Messages in Various Languages
  • Superior Non-stick Coating: Enhances Durability & Strength, 3 Times More Heat Conductive Than Most Cookware
  • Pinkish Hearts Iconic Interior Design: Symbolizing Heart Warming Dishes In Face Of Current Covid Situation
  • Natural High Pure Ceramic Exterior: Hard & Durable, Relatively Easy To Clean
  • PFOA / PFOS Free
  • Heat-resistant Stay Cool Phenolic Handle: Ensure Handling Convenience
  • Stainless Steel Flame Guard: Prevents Overheating Damages To The Phenolic Handles (Especially On Gas Stoves)
  • Premium Quality Made In Korea
    • Interior: 5 layers Superior Non stick Coating
    • Exterior: Natural High Pure Ceramic

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