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Violette EDP

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At Chloé Atelier des fleurs, you compose your personalized fragrance the same way you select your favourite blossoms to create a bouquet at a flower shop. Each perfume in the collection asserts a single floral, aromatic or woody scent. Thus, they can be worn on their own like a corsage or blended to compose endless combinations.

VIOLETTE By Fanny Bal Perfumer Fanny Bal still remembers, as clear as day, the moment in her childhood when she became captivated by the violets blossoming in her family’s garden. For Chloé, she has drawn upon this strong memory to create a fragrance that melds powdery notes of violet with a delicate hint of freshness.

This composition evokes the scent of recently blossomed petals in nature, as gorgeously discreet as its namesake flower, the epitome of modesty. Our Violet is harvested in Egypt in a way that contributes to a more responsible and more sustainable culture. Our Violette Eau de Parfum is formulated with 100% natural origin fragrance, alcohol* and water. Nothing else. It is vegan.

Due to the natural origin of its ingredients, the fragrance's color may change over time. This does not affect its olfactory quality. The bottle and box are partially made with recycled materials, respectively 15% and 40%.

  • Receive complimentary 2 deluxe samples with purchase of Chloé Atelier des Fleurs EDP 50ml / 150ml