Moisture Liposome 85ml Duo Set


Moisture Liposome
The Iconic Pre- Serum Hydration Booster

Light and gentle, Moisture Liposome penetrates skin with trillions of Multilayer Liposome Micro Capsules, releasing all-day hydration with its unique time-release technology.

It repairs and protects even sensitive skin while boosting the absorption of subsequent skincare products.

  • Moisture Liposome 85ml
  • Moisture Liposome 85ml
  • Moisture Liposome 60ml
  • DECORTÉ Moisture Liposome incorporates Japan's first multi-layered liposome technology, allowing it to continuously hydrate your skin from within to keep it smooth and moist.
  • Oil free and Alcohol free
  • Every morning and evening routine
    Apply 2 to 3 pumps after cleansing morning and night.

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