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Shirakawa Daruma, made by craftsmen in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, has been loved by people since the Edo period as a symbol of "winning," "prosperous business," and "safety at home."

*Note: Colours and design will be slightly different from images shown.

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Decorate the accessories of "OMNES", which is developing the brand using deer leather with special processing, to "Mame Daruma" of Shirakawa Daruma! The colorful palm-sized bean dolls in OMNES are pop, fashionable and cute enough to make you want to collect them. Enjoy "OMNES Daruma" as a gift, a celebration, or a reward for yourself.

Japan. Paper, clay Nendo Parts: Deer leather, cowhide, foil, etc.

H5CM x L4CM X W4.5CM (estimated)

Color: White

ship out after 3 March 2023. Other ready stock in the order will ship out together...

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