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Magic Press Mani Pink Gold MDR732

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Get the flawless salon look in the comfort of your own home. Dashing Diva's mission is to offer magical nail moments by re-imagining the traditional salon manicure. We provide women with cutting-edge, trendy and creative nail solutions that deliver salon quality results. Through genius innovation, we deliver transformational products that are fun, quick, safe and always easy to apply. Products range from press on gel nails and nail strips maintain the health of your nails while elevating your style. When you're ready to change your look or switch things up, use Magic Press or Gel Strip for easy, painless removal instead of soaking your nails in acetone, and other harsh chemicals that only dry out your skin and weaken your nails.

    Step 1: PrepStart with clean nails. Trim and file nails. Gently push back cuticles with cuticle stick. Wipe nails with alcohol Prep Pad to remove any natural oil or residue. This will greatly improve the adhesion of your Magic Press nails.Step 2: Select SizeSelect the correct nail tip size for each finger and set them aside. A slightly smaller nail tip than your natural nail will give a nicer finish. Step 3: ApplicationPeel off the clear protective film from the nail tip to expose the glue. Align the nail tip with the cuticle, making sure to place the side with the clean film tab at the cuticles. Step 4: PressPress down firmly staring in the middle, then press down on each side from left to right. Step 5: ShapeFile down the nail tip to your desired length or shape if needed. And you are done!Do not to expose your nails to water for at least one (1) hour to allow the adhesive to set.