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  • CREATE 2 TYPES OF SLIME RIGHT AT HOME: The Discovery Mindblown Slime-O-Rama DIY Experiment Set transforms your home into your very own chemistry lab!
  • Mix up two different types of fun slime types: doughy slime and sticky slippery slime!
  • INCLUDES ALL SUPPLIES NEEDED JUST ADD WATER: The mini kit includes everything you need to embark on your first slime-making adventures just add water!
  • The ingredients and tools will make you feel like a real chemist!
  • CUSTOMIZE WITH BLUE COLOR: Make your slime fun by coloring it blue with the included dye or use your own food coloring from home to make different colors!
  • STORE AND REUSE: Use an airtight container or bag to keep your newly created slime fresh for multiple play sessions. Store the slime in the fridge for optimal shelf life
  • LEARN THE BASICS OF CHEMISTRY AND SCIENCE: Learn about basic chemical reactions and chemical bonding with the slimes fun and educational ingredients!

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