Ecological Compound Advanced Formula


The universal Ecological Compound advanced formula adapts to suit the needs of every skin type to help it function optimally. This unique formula, reputed for its successful original complex of five plant extracts (Centella asiatica, Ginseng, Hops, Horsetail, Rosemary), is now enriched with two new key ingredients (Burdock and Meadowsweet extracts). Its pH is as close as possible to that of the skin.

Ecological Compound advanced formula: Promotes a balanced microbiome and stimulates the skin’s natural defense mechanisms. The skin is more resistant and better equipped to defend itself against the harmful effects of the environment (pollution, smoke, free radicals, etc.). Contributes to the optimal activity of the skin’s vital functions. The skin is revitalised and its tone and radiance is restored. Lastingly hydrates and nourishes the skin to leave it more comfortable and supple. Balanced, strengthened and revitalised, the skin is more resilient and its quality is visibly improved.

The universal Ecological Compound advanced formula is suitable for men and women of all ages, whatever their skin type. Its fluid, comfortable and non-greasy “second-skin” texture leaves the skin matte. It can be applied alone or before any other skincare product to optimise the rest of the routine.

Use light motions to apply Ecological Compound advanced formula to a clean and dry face and neck in the morning and evening.
"Ginseng extract: tones Rosemary extract: stimulate Hops extract: revitalises Horsetail extract: remineralises Centella asiatica extract: regenerates Burdock extract: balances Meadowsweet extract: strengthens"

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