Etiquette Care Bundle Set

THREE Etiquette Care Bundle Set
  • Purifying Intimate Mist 30ml
  • Purifying Intimate Wash 100ml
  • Purifying Oral Wash 8mlx15packet
  • Purifying Toothpaste 70g

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Purifying Intimate Mist 30ml (99% Naturally derived ingredients. Portable hygiene care with the power of nature) 

A fragrance mist for preventing bothersome odors. With the power of blended essential oils, aromatic waters and botanical extracts, it helps prevent unpleasant odors such as the smell of sweat. At times when you are sensitive to smells, refresh yourself with the pleasant fragrance. Wipe off the source of odor whenever and wherever, so that you don’t feel uneasy.

Purifying Intimate Wash 100ml (99% Naturally derived ingredients. Take care of the intimate area with the power of plants) 

An acescence liquid soap. There are a number of apocrine glands in the intimate area, producing sweat that causes odors. The Intimate Wash cleanses away sweat from the pores, keeps the skin clean and removes the odors with a mild, gentle texture and a refreshing fragrance.

Purifying Oral Wash 8ml x 15packets (98% Naturally derived ingredients. Portable oral hygiene care. Freshen up your mouth as well as your mind.) 

It washes away food residue, minute dirt particles and unpleasant stickiness that can cause mouth problems such as plaque and oral odor. To give a finishing touch on everyday tooth brushing, or when it’s difficult to brush teeth while you are on the go. With this handy mouthwash, you can clean and freshen your mouth whenever you want to get rid of any unpleasantness or refresh your mind. Individually wrapped, it is hygienic as well as handy to carry around, so that you can use it whenever and wherever you feel like freshening your breath.

Purifying Toothpaste 70g (98% Naturally derived ingredients. Reset your mood and freshen your breath with tooth brushing.)

The toothpaste in a tube is formulated to care for teeth. The fresh fragrance and flavor of the plants are so pleasant that you’ll want to keep brushing your teeth. Use it before bedtime to reduce unpleasantness in the morning such as stickiness and odor.
Brushing teeth a few times a day also helps you to get into work mode and switch off from work.

Purifying Intimate Mist 30ml - Spray two to three pushes on a tissue and gently wipe the damaged area of skin. For use on the armpits or the intimate area.

Purifying Intimate Wash 100ml - Take an adequate amount on the hand and wash gently without making too much lather. Rinse thoroughly afterwards. For use on the armpits or the intimate area.

Purifying Oral Wash 8ml x 15 packets - To add a finishing touch to everyday tooth brushing, swish the content of one packet thoroughly around your mouth, then spit it out.

Purifying Toothpaste 70g - Take an adequate amount on a toothbrush, brush your teeth and gums, then rinse your mouth thoroughly.


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