Euphoria Intense EDP 100ml

RM384.30 RM427

Euphoria continues to win over devoted wearers, and in 2021, Euphoria presents a new woman, a new facet of the hedonist lover, more passionate and sensual. Bold and provocative, she is the seductress, she is sexy, sensual, intense and triggers the infatuation instinct of every man she hunts. For this new chapter, the fragrance leverages the sensuality of the original Euphoria by using the cassis and orchid’s nectar to create a richer, intense version of the fragrance. We have a bold and provocative interpretation of Euphoria’s Signature Nectar.
Euphoria Intense, just as the signature Euphoria EDP, belongs to the CHYPRE FRUITY Olfactive family.
A juicy taste of cassis nectar combined with sensual notes of orchid nectar and addictive patchouli.

Intensity. Sensuality. Sexiness. Infatuation. 

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