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EXCIA EMBEAGE Brightening Extra Milk 200g

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Brightening milk for thoroughly combating factors preventing translucency. Restores translucency to each and every cell to instantly revive the skin’s deep-set crystalline brightness, elasticity, and youthfulness.

  1. Inhibits the over-secretion of physiologically active substances to thoroughly stop the “aging chain reaction,” inhibiting melanin over-production and dermis aging to encourage the skin’s deep-set crystalline brightness and youthfulness.
  2. Delivers deep-set plumpness and elasticity to the skin.   
  3. Rich, dewy, smooth and spreadable product consistency is absorbed instantly for a blissful feel of use. Deeply and generously fills the skin with moisture for noticeable crystalline brightness and firmness replete with elasticity.
  • After washing the face, take three pumps amount on a cotton pad, distribute across the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and apply over the entire face.