EXCIA RADIANCE RENEW Double Key Advance Serum 40ml


Double-formula serum designed to create exquisitely smooth, springy and radiant skin at an astonishing speed through the super-activating synergy of “culture supernatant-like ingredients” and “beautifying-enzymes activators”.

  1. Contains maximum amounts of culture supernatant-like ingredients and beautifying-enzymes activators for direct and deep delivery into the skin. By activating the body’s natural beautifying-enzymes, this serum optimizes the benefits of culture supernatant-like ingredients, and exponentially improves the activity of each and every cell for the swift achievement of smooth, radiant skin replete with deep-set elasticity.
  2. The absolute double key base composed of two formulas combines fluidity with the substantiality of oils. This unique texture helps all ingredients reach deep inside the skin for noticeable improvement in smoothness and springiness.

Use after essence. Take an appropriate amount (one to two pumps) onto the palm and blend well. Then apply over the entire face.


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