Eyup Sabri Tuncer

Eyup Sabri Tuncer Perfume Jewels Pure Love Hand Cream (tube) 60ml

RM25.41 RM29.90

Eyup Sabri Tuncer Perfume Jewels: Pure Love is suitable for all skin types because of its environmental-friendly formula and it is also free from parabens. It is the perfect care for the hands and body. 

  • Silky Touch ensures long-lasting moisturisation as it contains Ecocert-certified active substance compound. The natural olive oil content aids in softening the skin and the Vitamin E promotes healthier skin. It is also enriched with shea butter known to keep skin moisturised and ease irritated skin. An uplifting and modern twist to the usual floral fragrance.
    Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry area.

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