Hair Colouring Treatment 200g

RM134.10 RM149.00

A hair color treatment for gray hair developed to ease the burden of gray hair care for people with sensitive skin, with a focus on additive-free and non-silicone.

It is gentle on the hair and scalp and is easy to use. In addition, it contains 28 kinds of plant-derived ingredients, including the moisturizing natural Rishiri kelp extract [approved by the Rishiri Fisheries Cooperative Association]. It not only dyes gray hair, but also gives it a glossy treatment effect.

  1. Wash a hair and scalp finely with a shampoo and wiped off moisture of hair firmly with a towel.
  2. Please take out a proper qunatity of the Rishiri Hair coloring treatment to the wet palm
  3. Please apply much quantity as gray hair hides, Let's rub and familiarize with hair.
  4. After setting time about 10minutes, please wash away firmly until color of rinsed water changed clear. Please dry firmly using a drier.
contains 28 kinds of plant-derived ingredients
  • when hair coloring has adhered to the palm, it can wash out with soap. Since it will become difficult to remove if it enters between nails, those who worried need to use a comb, with glove, etc
  • when you use it first, please make application time somewhat long slightly.
  • if drying is insufficient, there is a possibility that attached to bedding and clothing.
  • Please dry firmly.

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