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Junmai Whitening Toner 130ml

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Junmai Whitening Toner helps lightening pigmentation and skin dark spots.  It keeps the skin moisture, suppresses and prepares fresh skin without dullness.

After cleansing, apply it gently to your face with hands or cotton pad.

* We recommend total skincare with Bijin Nuka Junmai.

Tranexamic acid * , dipotassium glycyrrhizinate * , purified water, rice bran extract, rice bran extract hydrolipid, rice bran extract hydrolyzate A, rice extract hydrolyzate V, hyaluronic acid Na-2, yeast extract-1, gentiana extract, cyclohexanedicarbonate Bisethoxydiglycolic acid, sorbitol fermented polysaccharide, di lauroyl glutamate (phytosteryl octyldodecyl), hydrogenated soy phospholipid, hydrogenated soy lysophospholipid, lavender oil, orange oil, arginine, purulan, concentrated glycerin, glycosyl trehalose / water Hydrogenated starch decomposition product mixed solution, polyglyceryl laurate, polyoxyethylene methyl glucoside, DPG, BG, 1,2-pentanediol, ethanol, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, polyoxyethylene palm oil fatty acid sorbitan (20E.O.) , Methylphenyl polysiloxane, Carboxyvinyl polymer, Na metaphosphate, Anhydrous citrate, Na citrate, Phenoxyethanol, Paraben * is "active ingredient" and no indication is "other ingredients"
  • Carefully check that you have no abnormalities on your skin before using.
  • Do not use if you have an abnormality on your skin such as a wound or eczema.
  • Discontinue use if redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, colour loss (white spots etc.), darkening occurs or if the skin is exposed to direct sunlight and similar abnormalities appear during or after use. However, we recommend that you consult with a dermatologist. If you continue to use it, the symptoms may worsen.
  • Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately.
  • Keep out of reach of infants.
  • To maintain its quality, do not put back the contents once taken out from the container.
  • The colour may change due to sunlight, lighting, etc., but there is no problem with the quality.
  • If there is lotion on the mouth of container, wipe it clean before closing the cap. The whitening active ingredient may crystallize.