Kimono Tsuya Perfumed Hand Cream 30g


A floral musk that wraps the senses in warmth and reassurance.

Perfumed Hand Cream helps make the skin of your hands soft and plump, filled with moisture.

Contains “Rose Quartet Essence,” the blessings of four kinds of rose. It luxuriously contains carefully-selected roses and leads to a glossy, luscious skin.

Contains outstanding moisturizing effects such as Golden Silk Extract, Pearl Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, as well as phospholipid that blends smoothly into the skin. The product provides pleasant moisture to your skin.

It realizes a silky-smooth skin texture without being sticky. It protects the skin of your hands from irritation, dryness, and fine particles in the air.

Take appropriate amounts onto your hand, and blend into the skin.


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