LNC Placenta Skin Care White Series Toning Lotion 120ml


Retunes skin to an optimum condition for enhanced radiance and even skin tone.

This refreshing skin lotion softens the skin and protects it from damaging environmental factors. It also conditions the skin so as to draw out its natural beautiful translucence.

The skin appears somewhat dull and lackluster? Use LNC Toning Lotion to reactivate the skin.

Usage 1. For Combination & Oily Skin - Day & Night: Take an appropriate amount on the cotton, and apply all over the face.

Usage 2. For Combination & Oily Skin - Day & Night: Combined Repairing Cream and Toning Lotion Take an appropriate amount of cream and mix with 2-3 drops of Toning Lotion. Gently apply all over the face.

The product's revitalizing skin-conditioning ingredients, such as equine (horse) placental extract, Vitamin C derivative. Giga White and strawberry geranium extract, rapidly enter the stratum corneum, recovering radiance and liveliness.

5% Equine Placenta, Functional Vitamin C Derivative (3 Glyceryl Ascorbate), GIGAWhite (Mallow Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract), Rosebay Leaf Extract, Primula Officinalis Extract, Veronica Officinalis Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Melissa Leaf Extract, Sawtooth Violet Extract), Detoxi-White (Peppercorn Bud Extract), Saxifrage Extract


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