• Rules: Players choose their favorite planes, and everyone has four of the same color planes. The plane needs to fly a lap before it can enter the destination that corresponds to its color. The player with all planes come to the finish line is the winner.
  • Special rules: Take off: The plane can fly out of the base only when the dice are thrown 5 or 6 (The front square of the base is the starting point). The flight direction is clockwise.
  • Combat: When the plane goes to a grid during the flight, the enemy plane will be shot down to the base if there is a plane stopped in that grid.
  • Other rules:  1.When a player's plane come to the finish line (the yellow square in the middle of the board), he cannot control the plane anymore.   2.The plane must just come to the finish line can be "arrived". If a player throws a dice number that the plane can't just arrive the finish line, the plane will go backward.

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