Moisture Liposome 40ml Signature Kit


Experience the power of relaxation and hydration for youthful energised skin from the Iconic Pre- Serum Hydration Booster and Absolute Quality range.

  • AQ EMULSION 30ml
  • AQ LOTION 30ml
  • AQ CLEANSER 7.7ml
  • DECORTÉ Moisture Liposome incorporates Japan's first multi-layered liposome technology, allowing it to continuously hydrate your skin from within to keep it smooth and moist.
  • Moisture Liposome is Oil free and Alcohol free
  • AQ Holistic Beauty from Science & Rare Ingredients
  • White Mucuna Bean Extract - Enhance skin's responsiveness for total relaxation
  • White Birch Bark Extract- rich on natural minerals and amino acids
  • Night-Blooming Cereus- elegant soothing fragrance brings relaxation to your senses.
  • AQ skincare range is paraben free

Every morning and evening routine
1st : AQ Washing Cream
Take a cherry-sized amount onto palm, add water and work a rich foam. Gently massage into skin. Rinse thoroughly
2nd : Moisture Liposome
Apply 2 to 3 pumps after cleansing morning and night.
3rd : AQ Emulsion
Use before lotion, add 2 pumps to a cotton pad and pat onto skin.
4th : AQ Lotion
soak through a cotton and apply to the skin by gently patting.

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