Moisture Liposome Mask (20ml x 6 sheets)


DECORTÉ has created a new type of liposome capsule with an even smaller
diameter for use with its latest Moisture Liposome product, Moisture Liposome Mask. e capsule, soaked with an abundance of serum, penetrates one by one into the deepest areas of skin and remains to provide endless moisture.

With its concentration of ingredients, it conditions the skin, lling it up with continuous moisture while targeting irritations, roughness and dullness due to dryness.

Skin glows like never before and in just under 10 minutes of mask application.

Suitable for all skin types

  • 20ml x 6
  • With its ultrafine diameter of just 0.1 microns (ten thousandth of a millimeter), the new liposome capsule adheres closely to areas of the skin that has become damaged due to dryness to improve
  • Purplish black rice extract with anthocyanin, polyphenol and high antioxidising
    eects, and royal jelly extract with vitamin B, pantothenic acid, amino acid and
    minerals activate cells and promote skin tissues’ metabolism.
  • Condition your skin with a lotion first
  • Unfold the mask sheet and leave on for 10 minutes. Remove and massage the remaining liquid into skin until fully absorbed.
  • Recommended to use once or twice a week for a healthier skin barrier.

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