Orchidee Imperiale Light Cream Jar 50 ml


Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale The Light Cream is an exceptional complete care product, renowned for its effectiveness on the signs of skin ageing and its weightless, non-oily texture. It brings women the best that orchids and science have to offer in terms of skin longevity. Thanks to the discovery of the prodigious powers of a duo of orchids, the new Light Cream helps to effectively combat the visible signs of skin ageing.

  • Before application: Breathe deeply & prepare the skin. Cleanse the skin with Orchidée Impériale Rich Cleansing Foam; then, on dry skin, slowly and firmly press with your fingertips on the following pressure points: chin, corners of the lips, under the nose, between the eyebrows, above the arch of your eyebrows and the temples. Inhale as you press and exhale when you release.
  • Apply The Light Cream: SMOOTH After applying your lotion and serum, take a small amount of The Light Cream using the spatula and apply to the face with your fingertips, smoothing from the centre of the face outwards: start with the chin, then the cheeks, the forehead and finally the nose.
  • After application: ENERGISE Make fists with your hands. Place your fists on your cheeks. Firmly rotate upwards while exhaling deeply. Carry out the same movement on the contours of the face, the forehead, the neck and the décolleté, exhaling each time.
  • Durably hydrated* and radiant skin**: Feels hydrated for up to 24 hrs: +32% Luminosity: +29%
  • Quality of skin improved**: Skin appears nourished: +32% Skin feels softer: +36%
  • Visible signs of ageing seem minimised: Wrinkles: -27% *** Firmness: +24% **

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