Phantom Collector EDT 100ml


The new Phantom collector edition. Chrome and camouflage meet head to head. The iconic bottle plays hide and seek with the timeless, adventurous combat-print.

The essence of self-confidence, fueled by feel good energies. A futuristic aromatic fragrance born from the clash between luxury craftmanship and new-tech. Using a cutting-edge creative process to select ingredients to make you feel energized, powerfully confident and sexy.

Phantom was responsibly formulated: a fragrance for today, created for tomorrow. Radically different, totally disruptive: discover our first connected bottle ever. Tap your phone on its top, and take off with your new wingman!

Phantom is your thrilling ally, to keep by your side and collect. A game-changing design made with chrome, metal and black. Vibrant. Festive. From outer space. More than a bottle, Phantom is our first connected fragrance. Tap your phone on your bottle, connect to Phantom Universe and meet your new wingman!

Phantom collector edition contains the original Phantom eau de toilette for men.
A bold scent with notes of addictive creamy lavender, energizing fusing lemon and sexy woody vanilla.


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