Purifying Oral Wash 8ml x 15 packet


98% Natural Ingredients. Portable oral hygiene care. Freshen up your mouth as well as your mind.

  • It washes away food residue, minute dirt particles and unpleasant stickiness that can cause mouth problems such as plaque and oral odor. To give a finishing touch on everyday tooth brushing, or when it’s difficult to brush teeth while you are on the go.
  • With this handy mouthwash, you can clean and freshen your mouth whenever you want to get rid of any unpleasantness or refresh your mind.
  • Individually wrapped, it is hygienic as well as handy to carry around, so that you can use it whenever and wherever you feel like freshening your breath.

*not ready stock, please allow extra 5 working days for order processing

To add a finishing touch to everyday tooth brushing, swish the content of one packet thoroughly around your mouth, then spit it out.

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