SENKA CC Whitening Serum SPF 50 40G

RM47.90 RM63.90

3-in-1 morning regime in just 10 seconds: Skin brightening serum with UV protection and CC tone-up effects for a moisturised translucent skin. Formulated with Shiseido's unique m-tranexamic acid to help reduce stubborn dark spots and reduce skin roughness. It makes use of the exclusive ingredient ""M-Tranexamic acid"" for efficient depression of black pigment formation as well as help soothing inflammatory condition of the region. Senka's NATU-ENCE ""Nature x Science"" technology uses Shiseido's skincare science to deliver the benefits of naturally derived Japanese ingredients (White Cocoon Essence, Rice Bran Oil, Honey and Japanese Mugwort) to deeply hydrate and plump up dry skin. Infused with Double Hyaluronic Acid to further hydrate the skin with moisture. With SPF50+ PA++++ high sunscreen value, In tone up pink shade.

    Take a pearl-sized amount and apply over the entire face. Use an adequate amount to ensure effective UV protection. Use it as the final step of your morning regime.

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