SHISEIDO MEN Visual Enhancer Vibrant BB Moisturizer 40g


A BB Moisturizer which enhance, correct and hydrate to create a healthier complexion. Conceals imperfections like dark circles, blemishes, pores and uneven tone.
The product features a color changing ingredient which corrects imperfections and nurtures a natural complexion. BB Moisturizer uses Japanese camellia oil, which possesses an anti-oxidant property (in vitro tested)*. The product can be easily removed with SHISEIDO MEN Face Cleanser or daily use soap. BB Moisturizer helps you to be your most confident, natural best every day.

Visibly Improves Roughness In 4 Weeks.
Real Results:
90% of people felt the product makes their face look more vibrant.
78% of people felt the product has a texture so invisible that they were not applying anything.
*Tested on 100 male participants, aged 20–60.

Condition your face with skincare products.
Dispense an appropriate amount of Vibrant BB Moisturizer onto your fingertips and apply on your cheeks.
Apply evenly over your face in large circular motions, starting from the center and moving outwards.
Use an adequate amount of product to ensure sufficient UV protection.
The product can be removed with SHISEIDO MEN Face Cleanser or daily use soap.


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