Skin Conditioner Essential N


A skin essence containing concentrated organic Job's tears extract and organic Job's tears oil, the combined benefits of which instantly address the user’s skin condition for the restoration of trouble-free, healthy skin.

  1. Restores normal epidermal metabolism for smooth, healthy skin.
  2. Controls melanin generation for skin brightness and clarity.
  3. Calms flushed skin and wards off inflammation, acne, and other skin problems.
  4. Refines the skin texture for firm, well-conditioned skin.
  5. Highly permeable formula moisturizes deeply and fully for long-lasting luster and suppleness.
  6. Refreshing and skin-pampering feel of use. Skin after use feels dewy, fully moisturized, and supple.
Take a generous amount onto a cotton pad and spread over the entire face using a light, patting motion.

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