Sun Shelter Multi Protection Extreme Comfort Sunscreen



A watery veil glides moistly and evenly over skin with the comfort of skincare, delivering powerful and efficient UV protection.

  • Gliding smoothly and comfortably over the skin, this product efficiently blocks UV rays and microparticles in the air, thus protecting the skin from environmental stress factors.
  • It features the "Even Water Veil Technology," which uses "Watery Plush Capsules" containing UV-cutting ingredients inside a gel that glides on the skin, replenishing water and forming an even network. This creates a watery veil that ensures even distribution of UV-cutting ingredients and provides long-lasting moisture.
  • A Watery Essence Base, containing moisture, keeps the skin plump, smooth, and dewy.
  • Soft Focus Powder cleanly reflects light, preventing makeup from smudging and absorbing excess sebum, leaving the skin bright with a natural glossiness.
  • When using on face, use after morning skincare or before applying a makeup base. Also suitable for body.
  • Spread generously and evenly on the skin.
  • *To remove, thoroughly lather face wash or body wash and cleanse thoroughly.

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