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Super UV Cut Intense Concentrate Day Cream 50g

Sale priceRM423.00

The high performance skincare cream, sunscreen, and primer in one. It provides thorough protection from harmful rays* while enhancing the skin’s daytime functions to give it a vibrant, elasticity and brilliant clarity.

SPF50+ PA++++

  • Revitalizes and normalizes the clock gene* during the day. It improves the skin’s ability to protect itself during the daylight hours, and continues to enhance its firmness and clarity throughout the day.
  • Revitalizes the inner layers of the skin, giving the skin a resilient firmness and radiant clarity.
  • Provides thorough protection against harmful rays that cause aging.
  • The cream has a luxurious texture that feels rich and thick to the touch but melts beautifully the instant it is applied, as if becoming one with the skin. It keeps the skin feeling amply moisturized from within and filled with a feeling of firmness and elasticity.
  • Brightens the skin tone while giving the skin a translucent smoothness, helping to create a beautiful finish for the foundation to come.
  • Take an appropriate amount of the product on your fingertips, dot onto your cheeks, nose, and chin, and spread over your entire face. Then apply foundation.
  • The product can also be used as sunblock on your body, such as on your neck and arms.
  • We recommend reapplying the product after sweating, or when you spend a long time outdoors.

*Sufficient UV prevention effects cannot be obtained if the product is used in small amounts.