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Candle Twinkle Star

Sale priceRM29.00

If you collect the stars shining in the night sky and light them gently, you can see the shadows of the beautiful stars in the shape you collected.
A shadow that changes from moment to moment due to the fluctuation of the light.
If you think of the stars that surround light as planets, outer space will expand in front of you.

*Color and pattern will differ depending on the candle
*No Refund & No Exchange Item


  • Step1: Set wick. In the center of the candle holder, you puts the wick.
  • Step2: Put Star candles. Please put stars near the wick as much as possible. *Please be careful so that only a wick doesn't burn.
  • Step3: Light a candle. When you put the fire, star continue to melt slowly. Please enjoy the beautiful shadow of the star. After chilled in the refrigerator a candle, please pull the wick. You can take out hardened wax in the holder. And, you can use the second time.