7439 Mini Water Power 2.0


Discover the Driving Force of Water

Let’s build six awesome water power models! With this kit, you can discover the driving force of water, and learn about the compressed air. The compressed air is one of the oldest energy sources, and this technology is still used in many machines today. Through this experiment set, children can build many exciting models and learn to drive them with compressed air and water. You can discover the fun of scientific experiments in the process, and these models will definitely get you wet!

Enter the world of green energy and learn how air and water pressure make devices function

Investigate scientific principles and knowledge through play.

Set includes instructions for 6 models children can experiment with, while learning the basics of air pressure and hydrokinetics.

Suitable Age: 7 and above

Contents: 47 pieces, 6 models to build, Colour Manual Included.


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