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MOONCAKE : EXCIA RADIANCE RENEW Lotion 200ml, Gifts worth RM277

Sale priceRM500.00

A skin essence containing concentrated organic Job's tears extract and organic Job's tears oil, the combined benefits of which instantly address the user’s skin condition for the restoration of trouble-free, healthy skin.

Gift set includes:

  • 1x EXCIA RADIANCE RENEW Rich Milk 30g
  • 2x Skin Conditioner Essential N 27ml
  • 1x Herbal Oil Trinity Fusion 8ml
  • 1x Flora Drip 24ml
  • Restores normal epidermal metabolism for smooth, healthy skin.
  • Controls melanin generation for skin brightness and clarity.
  • Calms flushed skin and wards off inflammation, acne, and other skin problems.
  • Refines the skin texture for firm, well-conditioned skin.
  • Highly permeable formula moisturizes deeply and fully for long-lasting luster and suppleness.
  • Refreshing and skin-pampering feel of use. Skin after use feels dewy, fully moisturized, and supple.

Take a generous amount onto a cotton pad and spread over the entire face using a light, patting motion.