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HLP05/6/7/8/9 Jurassic World Double Danger (Assorted)

Sale priceRM84.90

Part of the new Fierce Changers segment, these Jurassic World Double Danger figures give dinosaur lovers two times the excitement. Herbivores transform into carnivores, and back, in 11 easy steps! There are 4 different dinosaur-to-dinosaur figures available. Tyrannosaurus rex transforms with Ankylosaurus in 2 different design decos. Carnotaurus transforms with Stegosaurus and Baryonyx with Parasaurolophus. Species-specific features of are designed in. A great transforming toy for kids 6 years and up. Colors and decorations may vary.

Great gift! Jurassic World fans ages 6 years and older will want to collect all the Fierce Changer toys for transformative fun! Each toy sold separately, subject to availability.

*not ready stock, please allow extra 3 working days for order processing