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IH Gold Marble Coating Egg Pan

Sale priceRM99.00

A frying pan exclusively for "tamagoyaki", which is very useful for making bento boxes. Very convenient when making a little grilled or stir-fried breakfast! In addition, because the bottom is thick, heat is transferred evenly, so even those who are not good at cooking can bake without burning.

  • Size: 18cm x 13cm 
  • Materials: body/aluminum alloy handle/phenol resin, silicone rubber beam bottom/stainless steel (16% chrome)
  •  Surface processing: inner surface/fluorine resin Coating film exterior/baking coating (ceramic coating)
  • A convenient deep pan that can be used for stir-frying or simmering for 2 to 4 people! A flat design that overlaps the frying pan cover perfectly. Scratch-resistant multi-layer coating with 4 inner layers and 3 outer layers. Even if it gets scorched, it will come off easily if you add water!
  • Marble coating is miraculous, cook, fry, grill, whatever, all without any oil at all and nothing will ever stick.

1 month manufacturer defect

7 days with original condition