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LG 2.0L Thermal Cooker -MAROON

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Inner Pot
    Please wash the inner pot with dish drop, rinse, put water in the pot, boil it and throw the water away. The inner pot is ready to use.
Important Note: Outer Pot
    Never soak your outer pot as this is vacuum thermal insulated. Just wipe with a clean cloth will do.
Inner Pot
    1. Medium heat for cooking is recommended as high heat is not needed due to La gourmet®’s Triply base which has excellent heat conduction. Do not allow gas flames to extend up the sides of the inner pot. Never use high heat. mExcessive heat may damage handles, cause food to stick and tinting of exterior surface. Stainless steel utensils should be used with care so as to avoid scratching the pot. Never leave your pot unattended while cooking as the hot burner may result in damage to the base or boil the liquid to dry. Never use the pot in the microwave
    2. Always use a soft cloth to handle the pot when is boiling hot even with the silicon protector on the handle.
    3. Before removing from stove, close the lid of the inner pot, boil for a further few minutes to ensure all heat is preserved within the pot. Transfer it to the outer pot and immediately close the lid of the outer pot.
Important Note: • Do not open the lid of the outer pot or inner pot for at least an hour as the heat is needed to cook the food. However, if you need to open the pot, please reheat the inner pot again before sealing it in the outer pot
    4. Do not heat empty inner pot
    5. Do not fill pot to its rim. Fill pot up to 80% capacity. Less food below 50% capacity will also not provide the ideal retaining temperature.
    6. Frequent or repeated lifting of cover or lid may result in dropping of temperature.
    7. Do not place the pot in the oven, microwave or under the grill.
    8. Avoid excessive tilting to avoid spilling
Outer Pot
    1. Never store food in the outer pot as this outer pot is to be used as the insulator only.
    2. Also do not use sharp instruments to cut or hit the inner of the outer pot as this may cause a leakage to the thermal insulation of the double wall body. Once this leakage occurs, the pot will lose its insulation like all thermalwares. This damage will not fall under the warranty.
    3. Only use a soft wet cloth to wipe the outer pot will be sufficient.
Outer pot and cover
    1. Outer pot and cover: Wipe clean with cloth; DO NOT immerse in water (to avoid water infiltrating into the cover and body)
Inner Pot and lid
    1. Soak the inner pot for a few minutes before washing.
    2. Wash with water and mild washing liquid. Wash thoroughly.
    3. To keep you inner pot looking new, do not use scouring pads or other abrasive cleaners on the outside surface.
    4. ‘Bluish or rainbow’ discoloration is common on stainless steel cookware and is caused by minerals or salts in food and water. This is easily removed by using proprietary non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner.
    5. Hard water stains can be removed with a sponge damped in vinegar or lemon. Dry well and air the inner pot before closing with the lid and storing it in the outer pot.
    6. The lid of inner pot can be lifted and be inserted onto the outer pot lid, which is practical and no mess on the table.
    7. Only use a soft sponge and dish drop to clean the lid. Wipe dry and air before closing the inner pot.
    Stainless steel