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NEW SK-II SKINPOWER Essence. Supercharge your skin for a youthful, healthy look.

SK-II has pioneered a new solution around the dynamics of skin power that recharges skin’s youthful, healthy look. A revolutionary & SK-II exclusive ingredient complex, InfinitPower Technology is designed to supercharge the power source of your skin to plump up* from within**.

Say goodbye to low-power moments. With this boost of skin power, your constantly moisturized skin resists low-power moments*** caused by daily stressors and powers up to look and feel bouncy, smooth and glowing.

With a clear and dewy texture, the concentrated formula pushes ingredients through skin layers** for deep hydration with a fresh feeling.

Featuring a specially designed auto-dropper, one push for one drop is the optimal dosage for each application.

*Via hydration
**Stratum corneum
***Refers to skin conditions such as dryness

Dropper automatically fills upon opening tightly-closed cap. Release a dropper-full⁺ of serum into your palm and smooth evenly over face. Re-close cap tightly after each use, taking care not to press down on the rubber dropper head.

⁺A single pump of the dropper will give you the optimal dosage. Manually refill by pushing down on the rubber dropper head if more serum is desired.

Use twice a day, morning and night.